Deviated Septum Repair


If you notice your nose making it more and more difficult to breathe properly, you may have issues with your septum.

A significant number of people around the world are knowingly in need of repairs for a deviated septum. This means there is an issue with the cartilage that separates each nasal passage. It may be uneven or crooked. This can create one side being narrower and makes it harder to breathe normally. While some people are born with a deviated septum, others may have had trauma to their face or nose that caused the problem to develop.

Signs You Have A Deviated Septum And Need It Repaired

  • Trouble Breathing
    Misalignment in your nasal passages makes it difficult to breathe normally. It causes air to have trouble passing through one side of your nose. This issue is often exacerbated when the individual has allergies or a cold.
  • Nasal Headaches and Congestion
    If you constantly feel like your head is stuffy and congested, it may be caused by the restriction of air due to a deviated septum. Headaches are often the cause and would require some form of repair. If you have migraines often, the repair to your deviated septum will ease them. The extra pressure in your sinus cavities can make your face feel painful and sore.
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  • Sinus Infections
    A sinus infection can be caused by clogged nasal airways. Deviated septum issues may also cause cold-like symptoms and chronic post-nasal drip.
  • Nosebleeds
    Another common issue with a deviated septum is regular nosebleeds. This is often due to the restriction of air passing through your nose drying out the membranes. Lack of moisture in your nasal passages leads to bleeding.
  • Snoring/Disruption in Sleep
    Nasal congestion from a deviated septum can make it hard to breathe freely. This causes many sufferers difficulty with sleeping. Those who suffer from a deviated septum are often more susceptible to snoring. In some instances, deviated septum repair is necessary to help sleep apnea sufferers. It is a condition that causes individuals to stop breathing for moments at a time while they are asleep.

Getting Deviated Septum Repair

Whether an injury caused your deviated septum or you were born with it, if it is causing you trouble, it should be looked at. A visit with your ENT doctor will give you many options to consider. Deviated septum repair can be a treatment option given to you once your doctor diagnoses you. In some cases, doctors may simply suggest a nasal steroid spray. This will correct the issue for some patients.

It is always best to speak with your doctor if you have any of the symptoms listed above. You may be suffering from a deviated septum and may need to have it surgically repaired. The procedure is an outpatient surgery and is worth correcting the problem. Once you have fully healed from the deviated septum repair surgery, you will no longer have to fight to breathe easily and normally through your nasal passages. Many issues you had will be problems of the past.